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Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) is a start-up that is revolutionizing the social economy. Our web tools save thousands of dollars every day to more than 4,000 charities. ✊

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✨ In 2019, our first round of funding (SEED) allowed us to develop the Canadian market and achieve high growth rates; doubling the number of organizations using our tools every three months. Less than 2 years later in September 2021, we raised our Series A to conquer the United States. Beyond social impact, we need a team of passionate people to take on the new growth challenges that await us. 🚀

The Story

Once upon a time in Montreal, François was looking for a volunteering opportunity. Facing challenges he didn't expect he asked Thibaut for help to launch the first volunteer-organization matching platform in Québec. This is how Simplyk's first product was born six years ago .
Our two founders then found themselves on the frontline, identifying the huge pressure nonprofit administrators were under to keep costs low while implementing modern technology. This pressure was preventing nonprofits from accessing good fundraising technologies. They had to find a solution.
The solution was to create a fundraising platform powered by voluntary contributions. More than offering the best technologies to nonprofits, Simplyk and now Zeffy's mission is to do it for free so nonprofits can have more resources to dedicate to their causes!

Zeffy in numbers

Incorporated in 2017 Located between Montréal 🇨🇦 and Paris 🇫🇷 Team of 20 people in March 2022 Organizations helped: 4000 Fees paid by nonprofits for their fundraising: 0$

The team says hi!

Montreal team! 2021
Paris team in 2022