Our team 🤜🤛

Three values that bring us together
Millions to help: You believe the world should be a better place and you want to act about it, at scale. This means you understand we need to prioritize radically to grow our impact on the world, and not spend any time on what is useless.
Zeffy is simple: To help millions of nonprofits, we need to keep our technology and our processes intuitive. We love finding simple solutions to complex problems.
Be there for each other: Ambition for the world is great, but it also starts locally. We need to be exemplary at Zeffy and we are building a fun, collaborative, equitable workplace. This also means keeping time to volunteer for nonprofits in our local community.

Sneak peek of our team volunteering

Santropol Roulant - Montreal
Volunteering at Simplyk
Paris team in 2022