Account Executive
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Montreal πŸ§ͺ 6 mths - 3y EXP
Simplyk is a start-up that is revolutionizing the social economy. Our web tools save thousands of dollars every day to more than 4000 charities.
--> We are rapidly growing. We scaled from 80 organizations to 1000 in a year, and we are doubling our customer base every quarter!

Vision and Mission

We maximize charities financial and human ressources through technology. We provide the first 100% free fundraising suite where charities can receive donations, sell tickets and recruit volunteers.
This money will go directly to their missions: helping refugees, supporting homeless people, preserving the planet, and creating a better society.
These web tools are just the beginning. We want to grow rapidly as there is a huge potential to empower all charities to grow their impact.
Vision : We want to empower 20 million nonprofits to change the world

Exponential Growth

With this growth, we raised a first round with the best VC and angels in MontrΓ©al (Real Ventures and Anges QuΓ©bec), and we have an awesome team of advisors to accelerate.
We are growing (> 20% per month) with a strategy based on direct sales and inbound lead generation. We are recruiting an experienced Account Executive to make deep progresses in our work.

Your role

Your role as an experienced Sales will be to:
  • Understand needs and demo the product
  • Follow-up to close deals
  • Optimize our sales process
  • Provide feedbacks to the SDR to help them get better deals
  • Influence the product team so that we get better Product Market Fit
  • Generate your own deals for 20% of your pipeline
You will directly report to the CEO of the company, until a position for Head of Sales is created.

Who you are

  • You believe in Simplyk's mission to empower charities to change the world
  • You make excellent contact quickly
  • You speak perfect english
  • You have at least four years of sales experience.
  • You are focused on your goals and you reach them.

Additionnal Assets

  • Experience in a startup Sales team
  • Experience in SaaS
  • Experience on Hubspot
  • Fluency in French
  • A Bachelor's degree


  • You know how to prioritize between what is key, and what needs to be done in an excellent way, and what is not.
  • Faced with a complex problem, you admire simple solutions.
  • You love to try new approaches without fear of failing.
  • You hate meetings and inefficiency. It must go fast.
  • You are lucid, and you do not like bad excuses.

What we offer

  • Competitive uncapped remuneration
  • Stock option program
  • Opportunity to be a key employee in a start-up
  • Team activities / Cohesion
  • Beautiful offices in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal but remote work possible 80% of the time

Hiring process

  • Call with a Sales or the CEO (30mn)
  • Meeting with CEO (1h)
  • Meeting with a member of the Sales team (1h)
  • Meeting with both co-founders (30mn)
  • Job offer


FranΓ§ois de Kerret [email protected]
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