Advanced tips for Sales

Add ons in advanced parameters

The advanced parameters of your ticketing forms allow you to add extra features to enhance your sales.
Activate the donation option to allow participants that can't attend or those that want to give more to support your mission.
Activate the thermometer option to encourage buyers to help you reach your sales goals.
Add discount codes to give certain buyers discounted prices. you can set as many discount codes as you'd like and set maximum uses for the codes. The codes apply to the total price of the purchase and can be set as a percentage or fixed amount.

Ticket options

There are different options to set up your tickets in the editor of your form, by going to the tickets page.
To set up tax receipts, limits on the amounts sold per ticket and group tickets, chose the "Options" drop down on your ticket type.
Different ticket options for your rates.

Sale questions

You can add questions to be asked to the purchaser of the tickets, or for each ticket selected. This can be done in Tickets page, below the different tickets rates.
The different question types allow you to get specific information depending on your event or sales. They include simple question, phone number, multiple choice and check boxes with multiple answers.
You can also chose to ask questions based on the specific ticket type selected. To do this, set a question per ticket, then select the option 'only for specific tickets' and choose the ticket type.

Resending transaction receipts

If a buyer did not receive their ticket or transaction receipt, please ask them to check their spam first. If it's still not in their spam, you can resend the email directly from your dashboard. You can also edit the email to which the transaction goes to in case the buyer made a typo in the spelling of their email or wants the tickets sent to a different email.
If you would like to resend an email to another email, you can do this directly from your dashboard. You can find the ticket transaction under "Ticketing" > "My sales", and click on the transaction. Then, a page will open up. Click on the 3 little dots at the top of the page. Click "resend the transaction receipt". After you click on this, you should be able to edit the email listed.