You can use the ticketing service to manage memberships in your organization.
Just as you can create different ticket prices, you can use the ticketing service to create different membership rates for your organization.
First, create a new ticket office and choose the Membership option in the General Information section.

Add your different membership options

In the "Tickets" section, use the "Add type" button to create the number of membership rates you want.

Automatic renewal for memberships

To activate the membership renewal, choose the validity period "one year after payment" or "specific date". By choosing these options, a renewal management menu will open under the ticket types.
Offering automatic renewal makes it easier for you and your supporters to manage memberships!
You can offer automatic renewal and choose to notify your member by email one month before expiration.
By enabling auto-renewal, the member will be able to check the renewal option when completing the form. This will automatically collect payment at the time of renewal.

Manage renewals in your dashboard

The 'My Sales' section of the dashboard allows you to track memberships. In the Expiration column of your report, you can view the membership's expiration date, if applicable. You can also view if the member has chosen to automatically renew their payment. The arrowed wheel indicates that the member has chosen to automatically renew their membership.
Expiration column for memberships in your dashboard

Create membership cards

Membership cards allow your supporters to be quickly identified and give them easy access to your events, workshops or anything else you have planned.
To create them, edit your membership form in your dashboard and go to customization. At the bottom of the section you will have the option to generate membership cards!
Your members will receive their card by email immediately after the transaction. They can print it or have easy access on the mobile device.
The card will include the member's information, membership type and expiration date.
Example of a membership card.
Special access or rates to your activities is a great perk for members and makes them feel valued. Using membership cards can help you do it!

Finalize your form

Follow the ticketing configuration steps to customize and complete your form.