Online Raffle

To create an online lottery, we will use Zeffy's ticketing. You can refresh how to set up a ticketing here:
Before you begin, make sure that your draw meets the rules issued by the Gaming Authority of your province. In some provinces, you may need to obtain a licence for your lottery. For more detailed information on the regulations of each province, visit their respective websites or our blog post.
For Quebec, you'll need to follow regulations imposed by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux Québec (RACJ). We recommend you consult the RACJ guidelines when you start organizing your lottery.

Setting up your Raffle

There are two ways to use Zeffy ticketing for your lottery. You can choose to only accept payments on our platform or you can also issue tickets. If you are issuing tickets, make sure that they comply with the rules of your province.
Go to "Ticketing" in your dashboard and click "New Form." From the options available, pick "Lottery."
To fill out your form, you can follow the directions that are outlined in the "Setting up a ticket office" page.

Creating your tickets

Whether you are using Zeffy to send your tickets, or you'll be sending your tickets yourself, your ticket needs to contain all the necessary information required by your regulatory body.
You can find a list of possible requirements and a sample ticket design in our blog post.

Sending your tickets

If you'll be preparing and selling your tickets by your own methods, and not through our platform, you should uncheck the option to generate e-tickets. You can find this option at the bottom of the Customization section. Your buyers will still be able to purchase tickets on your raffle form, but you'll be sending them the tickets yourself.
If you're sending physical tickets to your buyers, make sure that the number on the ticket order corresponds to the number on the physical ticket that you'll be sending. You'll see where to find the numbers associated with each buyer the image below.

Deciding the winner

To draw the winner, you can do it manually or with a number generator. Make sure that the draw process complies with the rules of your province.
See Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ponoka and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fraser Valley for examples of raffles with Zeffy.
For more details on how to set up your draw, see our blog article.