Contact management

Our guide to managing your contacts and integrating them with your other favorite tools.
Zeffy allows you to view all your contacts directly from your dashboard. You can contact them, export the data and generate links specific to each donor. To do this, click on the "Contacts" tab.

My Contacts

This is your main contact page, which gives you a variety of options:

Search by filter

By clicking the + Add filter button you can filter your contacts by name, last name, email, transaction date, most recent transaction, language, and total amount.

Mass emailing

You can send emails to your contacts using the "Contact" button. Add images, links and colour to customize your emails and send your newsletters.
You can also insert variables such as the first and last name of the donor to make sending mass emails easier. If you select the pre-filled form variable, a link to the form of your choosing that has already been filled with the donor's name, email, and address will be added to your email. This way they won't have to enter this information themselves and can immediately proceed to payment.

Exporting contact list

Use the Export option to download an Excel report with all your contact information. Use the different filters to generate specific reports and segments of your contacts.

Donor Contact Page

When you click on the name of a contact, it will take you to the donor's contact page. You'll be able to see the donor's information and preferred language, the total amount they contributed to your organization, the tickets they purchased, and a list of all of their tax receipts.
Below is a list of features that are available on this page.

Generating a tax receipt

You can manually generate a tax receipt for the donor by clicking on 'Actions' on the top right corner and then selecting 'Generate tax receipt. The fields are pre-filled for quick receipt generation.

Sending emails

You can then send the tax receipt you generated or any other email to the donor by clicking 'Send message.'

Adding a donation

You can add a donation manually from the donor's contact page by clicking 'Actions' and then selecting 'Add a donation.'

Adding notes

If there's information about the donor or pertaining a donation or ticket purchase that you'd like to remember, you can use the Notes section on the bottom left. Simply click the '+' button to add your note.

My Visitors

Zeffy allows you to see all the visitors who have at least filled an email in your form. You'll see what actions they've taken in the Status column.
If the status of the donor is "Address filled," that means the donor has filled out their contact information but has not proceeded to payment. You can use the Contact button to send them an email to give them a final push!

My Emails

You can see all the emails you've sent your contacts from the My Emails section.
Click on an email to see if it has been opened or not.
More possibilities to manage your contacts: