Managing donors

Tracking Donor History

You can easily follow and engage with your donors through your dashboard. In this section we'll delve a bit more into how tracking donor activity can enhance your fundraising.

Donor Data

You can easily follow your donors in the "My Donations" tab.
By choosing the relevant form from the drop-down menu, you can access the list of donors for a given campaign. You can then export the list in Excel format by clicking the "Export" button.
You can also filter the donations by date or by email address and export according to the filter used.

Donor Contact Page

When you click on the name of a contact, it will take you to the donor's contact page. You'll be able to see the donor's personal information, and a list of all of their donations and ticket purchases.

Search by Filter

Search filters can help you find information regarding specific donors. You can find them in the "Contacts" section.

Filter by last transaction

You can filter by last transaction to see which donors are more and which are less active, and engage with them accordingly.

Filter by total amount

You can filter by total amount to see which donors are making larger donations and thank them for their support.

Filter by completed form

You can choose to filter by one or more forms to track down particular donors, or to see which donors are attending multiple events.

Your donors can access all their receipts

Your donors can access all their receipts by activating their Zeffy account. They just need to login at and set a password. The Receipts section will display a list of all the tax receipts that the donor has been issued.

Understanding your donors - and where they donate

You probably have donors coming from your website, your newsletter and from social media. Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand what platform works best to encourage your donors to give? That way, you’ll know where to put your effort when launching a new campaign.
You can track where your donors complete your forms by adding a “UTM” code at the end of your URL. Each code will be different depending on where you are putting the form.

Social Media

Add “?UTM_source=facebook” in the link you put on your Facebook page to track donations coming in from Facebook.


Add “?UTM_source=August-Newsletter ” to your link in your Newsletter for that month. Replace August with whichever month the newsletter is for.
By using this method, you will be able to see if your donors give more through your website, your social media, or through email.
To find out which platform a donor used to make their donation, go to Donations -> My Donations and click on a donation. As you can see, the UTM source in this case is Facebook.
If you'd like more help with using UTMs, write to us at [email protected]!

Non-profits with a large volume of donors

If you have a large volume of donors, we advise you to connect Zeffy directly to your database or your favorite CRM.