Managing sales

If you're organizing an event using one of our ticketing forms, here are a few tips to manage your sales.

Tracking registration

You can easily follow the registrants to your event from your dashboard in the Ticketing tab. By selecting your event from the drop down menu, you will access the list of registrants.
You can export this list into Excel using the "Export" button. This will allow you to print the list and have it ready on the day of the event if you're not using an application to scan tickets.
When you click on a ticket purchase, a window will open on the right side of your screen. Here you'll have the option to annotate the ticket (by clicking on the text icon on the corner of the ticket title) or to cancel the ticket (by clicking the X button).
Cancelling the ticket will free up a spot in your event. Keep in mind that refunds have to be done on Stripe.


Refunds can be made directly from your Zeffy dashboard. To issue a refund, Go to either Donations -> My donations or Ticketing -> My Sales. Click on the payment that you'd like to refund. A window will open on the right corner of your screen.
Click the three little dots, then click "Refund donation" ("Refund order" if you're in Ticketing.)

Adding Participants Manually

You can add offline ticket purchases to your dashboard in order to generate receipts, track your form totals and have all your donor information in one place. For payments made by cash, check, or other means beside the Zeffy form, go to the Ticketing tab and select "Add participant."

Contacting Participants Before the Event

To contact all or any of your event participants, you have a few options.
You can send mass emails to your event participants in the Ticketing section of your dashboard. Select your ticketing form from the drop down menu and click the Contact button.
To contact a segment of your participants, you can use our in-built emailing tool in the Contacts section. Go to My Contacts, select + Add filter and filter by "Completed form." Select the event registrant(s) you wish to contact and click the Contact button at the top right.
To send a message to a single participant, you can click the "Send" icon that pops up when you hover your mouse over your contact list.
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