Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question by charities and nonprofits using Zeffy (formerly Simplyk).

Who can use Zeffy (formerly Simplyk)?

Any Canadian or American charity, nonprofit or organization with a social cause can use Zeffy. Third party fundraisers, such as individuals, can also use Zeffy if they are raising money for a specific organization. Learn more about third party fundraising here.

Is it really free?

Yes! Zeffy is completely free and we even cover all credit card fees. That means 100% of your donations go directly to your mission. Learn more here.

What is Zeffy's financial model?

Our donation forms and ticketing services are offered through an alternative business model based on the generosity of the online community. That means that at the payment confirmation step, we offer donors the choice to support Zeffy by leaving a contribution. Over 75% of donors give, which allows us to provide our tools for free!

Do you contact donors?

Simplyk sends receipts for tax purposes to all donors or purchasers of tickets who have had a receipt generated by Zeffy. The receipt is sent immediately upon purchase and again in January for tax purposed. we do not contact donors on any other occasion.

Do you share my donor or participant data with other organizations or companies?

No! We do not share your data and we are committed to ensuring its safety. Learn more here.

How do you secure payments through Simplyk?

All our transactions are processed through Stripe, a global leader in online transactions. They are certified PCI Level 1 compliant, which is the highest level of payment certification. Learn more here.

How often will I receive payments?

Through your Stripe dashboard, you can easily customize your deposit schedule. You can set your deposits to receive them weekly, monthly or manually.

Do I need to commit to Zeffy for a period of time?

No! Whether you want to try our tools for an event or use our platform for all your fundraising needs, there is no commitment required. Create your account for free today, with no contract.

Where did the idea for Zeffy come from?

Our founders first built Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) in 2016 as a way to link volunteers to organizations. From there, they realized that charities did not have access to the the technology they needed. So they decided to create Simplyk fundraising platform, the first free payment platform for organizations. Read more about our story.

I have another question. Who should I contact?

You can write to us at [email protected] or chat with us right here on the website. Better yet, create your account and test Zeffy out yourself.