How do you know Zeffy's Donor Conversion is 50% above industry average?

At Zeffy (formerly Simplyk), our goal is to create the best donor experience. We've made our forms as simple as possible, so that visitors to your donation pages actually donate. Our forms' simple features give you a donor conversion rate of 50% above the industry average. Your donor conversion rate is calculated by:
Donations received / Unique visitors to donation page
The average industry conversion rate is 15% (see benchmark), and drops to 9% (see Abeja solutions) on cell phones. At Simplyk, the conversion rate of our basic donation form hovers around 23% across all devices and 24% on desktop!
Simplyk average conversion rate across all devices.
Simplyk average conversion rate on desktop computers.
How do we get our forms to convert better than the industry? By minimizing clicks, offering Apple and Google Pay and providing a mobile friendly experience.

Minimizing Clicks

Donors can complete their gift in as little as 7 clicks. With address autofill and smart default, donors can enter their information in seconds, with minimal effort on their part.

Apple and Google Pay

We offer Apple and Google Pay, so your donors don't even have to enter their credit card information. Over 8 % of donors using Simplyk forms give using Apple and Google Pay. This allows them to complete their payment information with a simple tap.

Optimized Cell phone Experience

Our forms have been optimized for cellphone use by adjusting smoothly to all mobile devices. With over 60% of all donations received through mobile device, this proves that our forms offer a great cell phone experience!
To learn about even more ways to improve your donor conversion, read our blog post.