Receipts for tax purposes

A guide to tax receipts with Zeffy (formerly Simplyk)
If you're a registered charity, you can use Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) to issue both your online and offline tax receipts, keeping track of them all in the same place. You can also issue split tax receipts for your ticket sales.

Zeffy automatically generates receipts

By adding your administrative information, each time a donation is made, the donor will receive a charity receipt automatically by email. You can deactivate receipts in the advanced parameters of your donation form.

Receipt sequences and CRA compliance

When opening your account, you will be issued a new sequence for your receipts. For example, if you are organisation 456 at Simplyk, then you'll generate the following receipts:
  • SIM-0456-0001
  • SIM-0456-0002
  • SIM-0456-0003
You can view all your receipts in the Receipts section of your dashboard and in my donations and my sales, if applicable.
The receipts issued include your charity number, the electronic signature of someone in your organization and they comply with Canadian law and Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines. Simplyk keeps updated with any changes and new recommendations from the CRA.

Viewing your receipts

To access all your issued receipts, head to the Receipts tab on the bottom left.
If you'd like to see what a Simplyk receipt looks like, check out our sample receipt here:
Sample Tax Receipt

Generating receipts manually

To generate a receipt for an offline donation, go to the Receipts section and click on Create New receipt.
To quickly generate a receipt for an existing contact, go to their contact page and click on Actions and Generate Receipt. Their information will be pre-filled, all you have to do is enter the donation amount. You can then send the link to the receipt directly from their contact page, by clicking on Send Message.
If the donation was made prior to when you are generating the receipt, be sure to change the date of the receipt before finalizing it.

Cancelling or correcting receipts

For any donations that are refunded or for erroneous receipts, you can cancel the receipt directly in your dashboard. Go to the donation or ticket sale in question and click on the person's name. You'll be redirected to their Contact page. From there you can click on the X next to the receipt you want to cancel. The link to their receipt will be automatically updated as cancelled. Be sure to contact them to let them know.
Cancel the receipt with the X on the right hand side.

Tax receipts for ticketing

You can activate receipts for your ticket sales and set amounts for each ticket rate. Go to the ticketing editor, in the Tickets section. Click on Options, select Generate charity receipt and enter the eligible amount for the receipt.
If you choose to add a donation option to your ticketing, receipts will be emitted automatically for the donations.

Receipts for monthly donations

Monthly donors receive a new receipt for each monthly payment. They also have access to an account to track all their receipts. Instructions for using this account are emailed for each transaction.
If you have any questions about tax receipting with Zeffy (formerly Simplyk), don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] !