Bank account connection with Zeffy

Connect your bank account to Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) with Stripe
Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) is partnered with Stripe, a global leader in online transactions. With Stripe Custom, you'll be able to track your payments, manage deposit frequency, and analyze your data, all directly from your Simplyk dashboard.

Connect your bank

Go to your Simplyk dashboard and click on the “Bank” tab. Then, click “Link my bank account."
You will be taken to Stripe where you'll be guided to connect your bank account and enter your business details.
After you’ve connected your bank account, you’ll be returned to your Simplyk dashboard. You’ll then be asked to verify your administrative information (as a security measure, Stripe requests a copy of your government ID to verify your identity.)
If you have money in your old Stripe account, you'll also see this message:
The link will take you to your old Stripe dashboard, where you can manage your payouts. You'll have access to your old Stripe account until there's no longer any money in it.
After you’ve provided the necessary information, you’ll have successfully set up your Stripe Custom account!

Track your payouts

You can view your payouts in the Payouts tab.
To export your payout history, click on the payout and then click "Export" on the right.

Manage your deposits

Click on "Bank settings" on the top right corner of your dash. Then, click "Change payout schedule." You'll be able to adjust it to monthly or weekly.

View your transactions

You can view your payments in the Transactions tab. You'll be able to sort them by month and export them. You'll also able to see when they will be added to your balance.

Edit your bank account information

In the Balance tab, you can you can view your current balance and see when your next payout will be available. You can also edit your bank account information by clicking "Edit" on the corner of your bank profile.


Refunds can be made directly from your Simplyk dashboard. To issue a refund, Go to either Donations -> My donations or Ticketing -> My Sales. Click on the payment that you'd like to refund. A window will open on the right corner of your screen.
Click the three little dots, then click "Refund donation" ("Refund order" if you're in Ticketing.)
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