Free transactions with Stripe

A partner to accept debit and credit cards from 120 countries.

The transaction is secured by Stripe

We useStripefor transaction security. Stripe is a global leader in online payments, allowing us to accept debit and credit cards around the world in a completely secure way. Millions of organizations, such as UNICEF and other global NGOs, use Stripe. We do not charge any fees on your transactions.
If a donor gives you $ 100, you actually receive $ 100. To learn more about our financial model, read more.

Payment methods with Stripe

Simplyk forms allow you to make payments by credit card or debit card with a verification code behind the card.
Simplyk also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, which are now the preferred payment methods of 400 million people!
For any payment over $500, Simplyk offers the ability to make payments via pre-authorized debits through Stripe. This gives the donor the option of logging into their bank account to make the payment, directly through the Simplyk form.
The donor will then receive an email to confirm that the payment is in progress. The payment can take up to 7-10 business days. When it is completed, the donor will receive a thank you email including their transaction receipt and tax receipt, if applicable. The payment will then appear as completed in your dashboard.

Stripe's payment experience

Beyond the fact that Stripe allows the transaction, Stripe is optimized to limit fraud. Stripe is certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of payment certification. Learn more.
The Pay Stripe user experience is one of the best in the world. Make the experiment of putting a wrong number to realize it.