Create a donation campaign

Create a donation campaign with a campaign thermometer.

General principle

Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) allows you to receive donations online without any transaction fees. 100% of the donation is given to you and the charity receipt is issued automatically, if you wish to issue it.

Customizing your donation form

From your Zeffy dashboard, go to "Donations" and "New Form".
You will be able to configure your page entirely, its colour, the amount you recommend, the thank you email to the donors and many other aspects.

Choose your Campaign Target

When creating a donation form, you can choose to create a campaign with a specific goal.
After having clicked on "New form", select "Donation Campaign" and enter the campaign objective.
You will continue to receive donations even if the goal is met. You don't have to reach the goal to access the funds.
To share the donation form or embed it on your website and Facebook, please refer to this page.

Campaign thermometer

A campaign thermometer is automatically created when you create your campaign. To track your thermometer, simply click the on campaign form.
An Iframe link is automatically created to nest the campaign thermometer on your website. Use the "Sharing Forms" page to learn how to use it.

Increase the thermometer manually

Under Donations, click on ''My forms''. Next the form you want to manually add a donation, simply click on the ''+'' sign and enter the donation there.
Check out our advanced tips for donations here: