Third party fundraising
Using Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) to fundraise on behalf of a charity

For the third party

With Zeffy, it's easy to set up third-party fundraisers, especially if the charity you want to raise money for is already using Zeffy.
If you want to use Zeffy's tools to collect donations for a charity without transaction fees, then you need to create a free account here.
When setting up your Zeffy account, use a password and email address that you're comfortable sharing with the charity you're donating to.
You then need to connect your Zeffy account to your chosen charity's Stripe account (video). The charity would be able to do this easily - they'd just need to log on to your Zeffy account, go to the banking tab, and then log into their Stripe through Zeffy, or create a new Stripe account if they aren't currently using Zeffy.
There's no limit of the number of Zeffy accounts that can be connected to a single Stripe account.
The charity would only need to do this set up the first time. All the funds raised through your peer-to-peer campaign will then be deposited straight into the charity's Stripe account.
If you want to issue tax receipts in the charity's name, you'll also need their charitable registration number, and the signature of an authorized person.
You can use the same Zeffy account to launch ticketed events, create donation forms and campaigns, and launch other peer-to-peers, with the funds always being deposited straight into your charity's account.
We don't currently have the ability to add multiple users to the same Zeffy account - this is something we're hoping to release with our next update.
If you have any questions about setting up multi-user accounts, reach out to us at [email protected] we'd be happy to help!

For the charity

To encourage any third-party campaign initiative, we suggest that you embed a peer-to-peer donation campaign form on your website or share it with your donors so that an individual can create and launch their fundraiser easily and at any time. Here are the steps to do so:
  1. 2.
    Customize your campaign description with some fundraising ideas to inspire your donors;
  2. 3.
    Share your campaign and embed it on a page of your website.