Create a donation form

Easily create a donation form.

General principle

Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) allows you to receive donations online without any transaction fees. 100% of the donation is given to you and a charity tax receipt can be issued automatically, if you choose to do so.

Creation of the donation form

From your Zeffy dashboard, go to "Donations" and "New Form".

Choose the type of form

You have three types of donation forms.
  1. 1.
    The simple donation form, which is suggested for your main form.
  2. 2.
    The donation campaign, which allows you to add a goal and have a thermometer showing the donations received.
  3. 3.
    The peer-to-peer campaign, which allows your supporters to join the campaign, create their own page and collect for the campaign.

Personalization of the donation form

You will be able to configure your page entirely, its colour, the donation amount you recommend, the thank you message to the donors and many other aspects. The donor will always have the option to add a specific amount of their choice. You can also add a description to the donation, which will appear when choosing the amount.
Personalize with your color, banner, and logo. You'll also have the option to ask questions to the donor.
Add a thank you message that will be sent automatically to the donor after the transaction. It includes the transaction receipt and tax receipt if applicable.

Share the form

On the "Share" page, you will have the URL link for your form as well as the Iframe code to embed your form on your website. To learn more:
Please connect your bank and fill out your administrative information before sharing your form.

Additional Options

The last step is to visit the advanced settings for extra additions to your form. From this section you can:
  • Automatically generate donation receipts
  • Allow donors to make payments by cheque for amounts over $500
  • Add email addresses to notify when a donation is made
  • Add option to make a donation in honor or in memoriam. The donor can leave the name of the honoree and an option to notify them. If this option is selected, an email will be sent to the person notifying them of the donation including the donor and organization name.
  • Translate the form

Payments by cheque

When you receive a payment by cheque, a confirmation email is sent to the donor. Please note that a donation receipt is not emitted because you have not yet received the funds.
After you receive the cheque, you can generate and send a receipt on the donor's contact page by following our steps to generating a manual receipt. You can also annotate the payment in Donations -> My donations, clicking on the three little dots, and then clicking "Annotate" to associate the receipt to the payment.

Monthly donations and expiration

When you receive a new monthly donor, you will be notified by email. You can also manage your donor's gift directly through your dashboard. You have the option to cancel it in Donations > My donations. On the donation, there will be a column to cancel it.
Stripe, our payment partner, works with card networks and automatically attempts to update your donor's card information, in the case of an expired or stolen card. This reduces the need for them to update their expiration date or card number. In the case that they want to change the card they are using, they can do so through the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Log in or activate your Zeffy account.
  2. 2.
    Go to the Dashboard and See My Donations.
  3. 3.
    You will be redirected to your donation list and the option to update your payments.
  4. 4.
    Click on the Card column and enter your new payment information.
For any questions, please email us at [email protected] .

Donation campaigns

You can create "Campaign" forms, with a specific goal and more content! You have to create a new donation form and choose "Launch a Campaign".
Check out our advanced tips for donations: