Managing offline donations

You can add offline donations to your dashboard in order to generate receipts, track your form totals and have all your donor information in one place.
You can manually add donations to your dashboard. This is great for any donations received by cheque, cash or other means besides the Zeffy donation form.
To manually add donations to your donation forms and campaigns, select the amount in the "Money gathered" column.
Select the amount in the money gathered column.
A page will appear to insert the donation. You can choose which form you would like the donation to be added to and insert the information for the donation, including the amount and the donor information.
Manually insert donor information.
In this section, you can choose whether you would like a receipt to be generated and sent to the donor. The language in which the Thank you email will be sent will be indicated.
If you would like to only produce receipts for your offline donations without adding them to a donation form, this can be done in the Receipt section of your dashboard. See the Tax receipting section for further information.