Customer Success Representative [FILLED]
Simplyk is a start-up that is revolutionizing the social economy. Our web tools save thousands of dollars every day to more than 800 charities.
--> We are rapidly growing. We scaled from 10 organizations to 800 in a year, and we are doubling our customer base every quarter!

Vision and Mission

We maximize charities financial and human ressources through technology. We provide the first 100% free fundraising suite where charities can receive donations, sell tickets and recruit volunteers.
This money will go directly to their missions: helping refugees, supporting homeless people, preserving the planet, and creating a better society.
These web tools are just the beginning. We want to grow rapidly as there is a huge potential to empower all charities to grow their impact.
Vision : We want to empower 20 million nonprofits to change the world

Exponential Growth

With this growth, we raised a first round with the best VC and angels in Montréal (Real Ventures and Anges Québec), and we have an awesome team of advisors to accelerate.
We are growing (> 20% per month) with a strategy based on direct sales. We are recruiting an experienced Customer Success Representative to make sure our clients are successfull.
Sales Team Lakehouse

Your role

Your role will be to:
  • Onboard 20 charities a months and make sure they reach their targets.
  • Provide support to charities and donors
  • Analyze feedbacks and carry them to the product team
  • Nurture the 800 existing charities with four articles a months and two newsletters.
  • Generate 10-15 qualified deal a month

Who you are

  • You believe in Simplyk's mission to empower charities to change the world
  • You make excellent contact quickly
  • You speak perfect english
  • You are focused on your goals and you reach them.

Additionnal Assets

  • Experience in a startup Sales team
  • Experience in SaaS
  • Experience on Hubspot
  • Fluency in French
  • A Bachelor's degree


  • You know how to prioritize between what is key, and what needs to be done in an excellent way, and what is not.
  • Faced with a complex problem, you admire simple solutions.
  • You love to try new approaches without fear of failing.
  • You hate meetings and inefficiency. It must go fast.
  • You are lucid, and you do not like bad excuses.

What we offer

  • $40k per year + $8k commission. (50$ per qualified deal generated)
  • Stock option program 0,1%
  • Opportunity to be a key employee in a start-up
    • Team activities / Cohesion
  • Beautiful offices in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal but remote work possible 80% of the time

Hiring process

  • Call with a Sales or the CEO (30mn)
  • Meeting with CEO (1h)
  • Meeting with a member of the Sales team (1h)
  • Meeting with both co-founders (30mn)
  • Job offer


François de Kerret [email protected]
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